This is the most touching goodbye story ever between a loyal stray dog and his ‘teacher’

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A loyal stray dog had to say goodbye to his professor who cared for him for 4 years.

For many of us, dogs are the most devoted pets. This also goes to stray dogs who live in extreme conditions and may not fully understand what love is.

Without a doubt, it is a really painful thing to realize later that we may have seen someone we had recently.


For him, His friend was someone very special person. For four years, Professor Carmelito Marcelo of Mabalacat City College in Pampanga, Philippines, looked after the dog named Buboy. He showed him compassion, fed him every day, and they formed a bond.


He is the one that often feeds and plays with Buboy. Even though he couldn’t adopt Buboy, they were great friends at school. Buboy is always on the look for his friend and is by his side every day. Professor Carmelito Marcelo, on the other hand, is always interested in Buboy and loves him.


Professor Carmelito Marcelo, 58, died on May 18 after suffering a stroke, leaving everyone upset, even his furry friend Buboy. The loyal puppy has been visiting the school every morning for the past two weeks, eager to welcome the teacher. Carmelito’s students were touched by Buboy’s act, and they decided to carry the dog to the church where the teacher’s body is being held.


Buboy leaned over Marcelo’s coffin to bid his pal a final farewell before lying down on the ground, never leaving Marcelo’s side. Mark Christian Arceo, a student who caught the moment on camera and video, shared it on social media with the caption: “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself”- Josh Billings.


Mark added: “It’s hard to watch the dog waiting for his friend. He doesn’t know that his special companion has gone.”

“Everybody has taken to help with the feeding of Buboy.” Staff at the Mabalacat City College said they have now planned to help arrange Buboy a new home.

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