Sick little elephant rejected by his herd, meets a dog that changes everything

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Ellie is a baby elephant who was rejected by her herd at birth . While elephants are known to be one of the most empathetic and matriarchal herds in the animal kingdom, mothers of newborns are highly unlikely to abandon their young.

This can happen if the baby has a highly fatal condition and affects the environmental needs of the group.

Abandoned little elephant finds comfort in a puppy and they become great friends.


This being the case for Ellie, who was shunned by her pack at birth for having a chronic illness . With little chance of survival, it seemed that her cards were drawn and her fatal fate was inevitable.
But everything changed when staff at the Thula Thula Rhino sanctuary in Zululand, South Africa learned of his story and decided to intervene to save his life.

The wildlife sanctuary is experienced in caring for wild animals such as leopards, giraffes, hippos to name a few.


Although they specialize in caring for baby rhinos in need of rehabilitation, they strive to meet the needs of all the little animals that pass through their facility .

They have never rejected a defenseless animal, their goal is to help as many animals as possible .

So when they found out about the little elephant they took her in and gave her all the help she needed. Upon performing a general diagnosis, the medical staff concluded that she had suffered an umbilical hernia .

Unfortunately, the area had become infected and spread through his bloodstream. As if that were not enough, the little elephant was allergic to the milk they were giving him, so his caregivers had to contact sanctuaries in other countries to supply him with the vital liquid, but nothing worked.


Although Ellie’s situation was quite delicate, her caregivers did not give up and began to prepare a special milk for her, for which they used well-cooked rice and added a base of proteins and minerals.

Fortunately, she did not reject this mix and was finally being fed well. She slowly began to recover and receive all the nutrients she needed .

Little by little he gained strength and began to conquer everyone with his energy.

However, not being in contact with others of his kind, he began to become emotionally affected . Although he was receiving all the medical attention, they did not know how to help the little elephant with his social needs.


It wasn’t until Duma, a retired service dog who recently rejoined the sanctuary , showed up that Ellie’s attitude began to take off.

From the first moment, Ellie and Duma created a great bond , they are a duo that despite being quite different, created the perfect balance to have fun and be the most adorable accomplices of pranks that we have ever seen.

They love to play in the sandbox and have shown that they are very happy with each other’s company.

Incredibly, the presence of the dog improved the mood of the elephant one hundred percent, who is happy to have a friend.

Although not the herd of elephants she needed, their friendship has helped her prosper by leaps and bounds . The staff hopes that the bond with Duma is enough to make Ellie better emotionally.


The brave Ellie was rejected by her herd but now she enjoys a healthy and happy life thanks to her rescuers and the support that a furry being has given her, who, no matter how different they are, have managed to bond and create a beautiful bond .

The animal kingdom never ceases to amaze us, once again it reminds us that the normal thing is that we are all different and we can adapt to certain spaces and enjoy that company that comes to improve life .

Long life and health to Ellie and Duma, we wish that their friendship prevails and they continue to be as happy as ever.

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