Severely Neglected Dog Thrown Over Shelter’s Fence In Middle Of The Night

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It’s about time that Parker the dog received a blessing. After years of “neglect and torment” the tiny Shih Tzu is getting the love and care she deserves, writes reshareworthy

The tiny dog arrived at Tri-County Animal Rescue in Boca Raton, Florida, after being unceremoniously dropped over the shelter’s fence and landing next to their dumpster in the middle of the night. The rescue’s staff found her there, a reeking, knotted ball of fur.


One of the rescue’s staff posted their first impression of Parker on their Facebook page. “As many of you have seen on the news, our shelter was blessed with the honor of saving Parker when someone threw her over our fence by the dumpster in the middle of the night. Her hair was cemented to her skin, her nails so long they were wrapped around her paws and wounds so old they were filled with maggots. The smell is something I will never forget.”

“I never saw anything like it before and personally I hope to never again,” they added.


The rescue’s veterinarian staff immediately set to work to help save the dog’s life. “It took 5 staff members over two hours to shave her carefully, swapping out buzzers as they got hot, our Veterinarian suturing her open sores, culturing absolutely everything,” they wrote.

“We found mammary tumors and her eyes in a permanent open position because of the matting,” they continued. “One eye is not even fully formed. Her temperature was getting low and we spoke to her, telling her the worst was behind her, that she had to be strong, that she was loved.”

Parker’s rescuers admit they weren’t sure she would make it through the night as it was clear “her tiny body had been through so much neglect and torment” for many years. But she did. And then she made it through the next night and the next.


And more miracles were to follow in the days after. Parker began to eat!

The rescue’s post explained why they used the word “blessing” to describe Parker’s arrival. “I know some of you may comment because of my use of the word blessing, that this should have never happened in the first place. I 100% agree. We don’t even know her original name or if she even had one. But friends know this, for whatever reason Parker was brought to us and through our courageous, quick thinking and incredibly knowledgeable veterinary staff she’s still alive.”

The Humane Society believes Parker was used for breeding and kept in a cage. They have opened and investigation and are working with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office to see if they can find out who dumped Parker in the hopes of seeing if there are other dogs like Parker who need rescuing.


As for Parker, Tri-Humane is optimistic that the Shih-Tzu will recover and hope that she will be ready for adoption in September, WPBF News reported.

She’s also made more progress and is able to enjoy a walk on the grass – an accomplishment given she couldn’t walk at all when she first arrived.

To support Parker and other dogs like her, visit the Tri-County Animal Rescue’s website.


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