Quarry workers discovered a 10-foot-tall giant skeleton in Minnesota

12:05 28/07/2022 | 3507 Lượt xem

About 150 years ago, employees of Sauk Rapids Water Power Co. allegedly discovered a 10-foot-tall skeleton along the banks of the Mississippi River. They were completely amazed at its absolutely massive size and according to official reports, this is the biggest skeleton humanity has ever discovered.


He was originally discovered in a tomb that was 60 centimeters below river level and, upon discovering him, they immediately called the press to tell his story.

The next day, tragedy struck when supposedly all the bones were gone. A popular theory is that they were stolen and sold to a circus, but no one really knows what happened to them.

In fact, many experts even deny the existence of a 3 meter tall skeleton in Minnesota, although Mary Ostby swears on her life that this was real and that there was no doubt about it, it was the remains of a giant.


Especially considering its time period, if this really were real then that would make the giant’s size all the more impressive considering the fact that the further we go back in the past, the smaller our civilization was. If the body was around 1000 years old, for example, most people back then were under 5 feet tall, which would mean he was literally as big as two normal individuals at the time.

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