Navy Spots Huge Elephant Drowning Mid-Ocean, Carry Out The Most Amazing Rescue

12:15 19/07/2022 | 713 Lượt xem

During one of their routine patrols in the vast Indian Ocean, the naval officers of Sri Lanka spotted a huge mass floating in the water. It didn’t seem like an inanimate object, so the officers closed in


They were shocked to see a wild Asian elephant bobbing in the water, stranded and struggling to survive. Elephants are usually good swimmers, so the officers assumed that a wrong current flow could have swept the elephant 9 miles away from the shore.


The navy men knew that the exhausted elephant would not be able to hold on for much longer. So they quickly called in for an additional team of divers and support staff. Together, they crafted an elaborate plan to get the elephant out of the ocean.

We watched with bated breaths, as the rescue unfolded. This video is a rare sight to see, as we see this mammoth plan in execution. This is one of the most impossible rescue operations we’ve ever seen! You cannot miss this!


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