Little Puppy Found With Mouth Taped Shut Thanks The Man Who Saved Him

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Bob Hoelter wonders if supernatural intervention was at work in Griffith, Indiana, last month, because things could have turned out a lot differently if he hadn’t opted to walk 2 miles to his local grocery that evening.

“Normally, I drive.” “I thought I needed some workout that night,” Hoelter told The Dodo.


Hoelter noticed a rumbling as he crossed a bridge. He came to a halt. Then he heard it once more. From below, the saddest, most sorrowful whimper could be heard.

He explained, “I was staring at the sea and the ground, but I don’t see anything, but I hear it.” “I walked back to shore, turned around, and took a look around.”

The wailing persisted from beneath the bridge’s gloom. Hoelter, determined to assist, crept down the culvert on his hands and knees, unsure of what he might discover. All he knew was that someone required his assistance.


“I take out my flashlight since I always have one with me,” Hoelter explained. “I finally made it to the bottom.” “At long last, I see him!”

And there was a little, trembling, terrified dog staring up at Hoelter. Hoelter, on the other hand, couldn’t believe what he saw next: the puppy’s muzzle was tied shut with electrical tape.

Hoelter said, “I’m like, ‘Oh, sh*t.”


Hoelter was well aware that he needed to act immediately. He hoped Griffith Animal Hospital was still open because it wasn’t far down the road.

He stated, “I just placed him in my jacket, got back up, and began hoofing it to the animal hospital.”

And Griffith Animal Hospital manager Lori Kovacich will never forget the moment Hoelter stormed through the clinic’s door, cradling the puppy.


Kovacich told The Dodo, “I got out of my chair and in the lobby to fetch him in seconds.”

Kovacich snatched the dog and rushed him back to the veterinary personnel, terrified. She was moving so swiftly that she didn’t get Hoelter’s name or phone number. “I guess I had tunnel vision,” she said.

Hoelter returned to his intended destination, the store, pleased that the dog was in excellent care.


The vet’s team got to work on the puppy right away. He was thin, and the tape had seriously injured his skin. They believe the tape had been wrapped around his muzzle for days.

The medical team removed the tape and administered antibiotic shots and ointment to the 4-month-old dog. After that, they made him a bed with blankets and cuddly animals.

Later, the staff noticed the puppy had a fractured limb that required surgery. They suspect he was thrown from the bridge and landed on the ground after missing the river.


“In my 30 years of working here, I never imagined I’d witness this… in real life,” Kovacich said on the animal hospital’s Facebook page, distraught about the puppy’s condition.

Many neighborhood neighbors, including Mary Witting, took notice of her message. She and her husband, Doug, have been regulars at the veterinary clinic for many years.

The couple had recently lost their beloved dog and had swore they wouldn’t adopt another until they learned of the pup’s tragic story.


“‘That lovely little face, he needs me,’ I reasoned. “I can give him love 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and I need him,” Witting told The Dodo.

While Kovacich and the Wittings were ecstatic about Louie’s prospects, the guy who had saved him remained unknown. Kovacich cursed herself for failing to acquire his phone number.


Then another extraordinary turn of events occurred: Hoelter’s niece saw the Louie post on Facebook and assisted in reuniting everyone with her uncle.

Louie, who recognized his idol, was the most ecstatic participant on the emotional reunion day.

“I was astounded,” Hoelter recalled, “because I didn’t believe he remembered me.” “When they placed him down, he dashed over to me.”


Louie gave Hoelter lots of love and kisses.

Hoelter said he is thrilled Louie has a fantastic new home.

But what really bothers Hoelter is what would have happened if he had driven to the shop instead of walking the night he spotted the dog – he would never have heard Louie’s screams for rescue.


He is grateful that the animal hospital was open when he came, and that everyone there was eager to assist him. It seemed as though the stars had aligned.

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