Little Elephants Are Having Fun On Mud Slide, But Wait Until You See Who Slides Down Right After Them

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Elephants are beautiful, emotional and loving creatures, this much we know is true. But did you know that these majestic giants also love having a bit of fun? Well, they decided to create their own elephant slide in this adorable video.


While observing a group of elephants near the Sand River gate in the Maasai Mara, Kenya, the conservation team from Elephant Voices noticed a group of elephants having fun.


The team noticed that the playful creatures had created a little elephant slide down a mud hill. In the video, we see two elephants looking over the muddy precipice before one decides to slide down.

At that moment, the other elephant decides to join in. But it isn’t just the two of them – all the elephants, big and small, decide to give the slide a bash.


This elephant slide caught the attention of all the elephants at the conservation.

Each one had its own technique and way of getting down the mudslide. Granted, some were more graceful than others, but all of them looked like they were having a blast.

At first, just the baby elephants are playing on the mudslide. But then we see some of the older members of the family join in on the fun. Who can blame them? It does look like it would be a blast.


What I love the most is how each elephant has their own technique for tackling the slide. Some go gracefully, others headfirst, while some start and then regret everything.

In fact, one of the bigger elephants manages to step right down the mudslide without breaking a sweat.


Either way, I could have watched this video all day. Imagine witnessing this in real life, it would have been brilliant.

Don’t forget to watch as a whole herd of elephants attempts to tackle the muddy elephant slide in the video below. Also, at Happiest, we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section.

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