After Being Freed After 50 Years In Cap.tivity, A 73-Year-Old Elephant Began To Cry.

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Wild animals belong in the wild, not in small, filthy cages. Capturing them is a heinous!

This Sook Jai elephant’s life has been a tra.gedy; she was captured as a child and tor.tured and trained to beg on the streets of Thailand by her owners; she has lived a terr.ible life. She spent the majority of her life im.pri.soned and tor.tured, both physically and mentally.


She was trafficked as a commodity several times, with the majority of the owners tor.menting her. Elephant Rescue Park staff finally rescued Sook Jai in poor condition in 2017. She was completely blind and deafeningly deafening!

Fortunately, Elephant Nature Park heard about Sook Jai’s plight and came to give her a new home at their sanctuary.

When she was freed, the powerful giant animal was exhau.sted! 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

Her rescuers began treating her wounds right away because she was severely in.jured and undernourished. She was starving but couldn’t eat or drink because she had been tor.tured for so long.


Sook Jai, on the other hand, seemed to sense those people’s kindness and sincerity. The zoo staff noticed tears streaming down her cheeks. This beautiful but pain.ful scene broke everyone’s hearts!

She finally has the freedom she craves!

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